NHA Resources

Hear from real people how the Nurtured Heart Approach helped transform their own lives in a real and positive way.

Taking Parenting to Heart

By: Chana Klein

Could focusing on what is right in each moment stop the negativity and misbehavior in my home? I was determined to find out. And the Nurtured Heart Approach transformed my home…

Straight from the Heart

By: Shiffy Green

How the Nurtured Heart Approach helps our intense and challenging children…

Nurturing the Hearts and Minds of Children

By: Aliza Bloom

Naftoli and Yael Walfish, trainers of the internationally acclaimed Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA), explained exactly how this comment builds a child at a recent training of the staff and teachers of the Clifton Cheder and Bais Yaakov on November 6.

Bringing Out Their Best: A Chinuch Approach That Really Works

By: Yael Walfish

Do you want to help your challenging, intense children transform their behavior? Do you want to help them find their spark?

I wanted to. I wanted it very much. My kids were “normal” kids, but they could often be challenging. There were times I was at my wits’ end.

The Voice Of Children Of Divorce

By: Yael Walfish

A child shares their feelings about their parents’ divorce in a heartfelt letter, expressing the pain, confusion, and hope they feel. They describe the challenges of moving between homes, feeling caught between their parents, and longing for a simpler, happier life. The child asks their parents to work together to make the transition smoother, emphasizing the importance of family unity despite the separation.

By: Yael Walfish

Menucha loves to jump rope and play make-believe. But when she doesn’t get her way, a big storm cloud appears.

Everyone wants to chase away that horrible cloud, but nothing seems to help. The cloud follows her everywhere. Will there be Menucha for Menucha?

In this engaging tale, experienced therapist Yael Walfish addresses children’s anger and frustration and provides valuable tools to help manage emotions.

Lazer Becomes a Winner

By: Yael Walfish

Lazer Winter likes to ride his bike, play chess, and read. But the boys at school tease and make fun of him. If only he didn’t have to go to school anymore. Things come to a head when Lazer gets in trouble instead of the bully! Will Lazer the loser ever become Lazer the winner?

In this compelling story, experienced therapist Yael Walfish tackles the painful reality of
childhood bullying and provides empowering tools to counteract negative social experiences.