We couldn’t keep this gift to ourselves!!

We want to tell you all about the Nurtured Heart Approach. Here’s why.

boy sitting on the floor of school hallway with hands in knees

We tried our best to help our clients and our children with the methods we knew.

Many didn’t respond to the typical methods.
It was extremely frustrating to watch parents, teachers, and children doing everything they possibly could, yet continue to struggle.

The search for better tools was on.

As trained social workers and proud parents of a growing family, we were familiar with children and their issues.

In our practice, we saw children with all kinds of problems. Some of them who had already been through lots of therapy and were on prescription medication.

At home, we were becoming increasingly nervous as our children were reaching teenage hood. How would we handle this new stage of parenting? How will we get our children where they need to go while keeping our sanity?

The aha moment.
When we registered for our first NHA workshop, we were skeptical to say the least. We’d already attended dozens of workshops and training sessions that weren’t very helpful.
Would this really be different?
As we were settling in, Yael took out her phone to take some pictures for a friend. Immediately the instructor made an announcement thanking all the participants who were giving their full attention and not on the phone taking pictures. Embarrassed, Yael quickly shut off her phone and slid it away.

Then it occurred to us: This guy just used his approach on Yael to change her behavior and it worked!!

We were hooked.

The NHA training was powerful and made so much sense. Energized and excited, we began implementing this new approach immediately.

The results were quick, constant and predictable.

We had our new goal: to share this wonderful approach with as many people as possible and become agents of change.

We invite you to join us in our quest to make every home and classroom a place of strength, peace and positive relationships.

“Calmer environment”

The NHA approach has created such positivity and transformed our household into a much calmer environment.

Mother of 6, Lakewood


Informative. Moving. Inspirational. HOPEFUL. I highly recommend this course.

Lilian Paz, Spanish teacher

“Paradigm shift”

This workshop is a paradigm shift. It is so logical yet so deep.

Ruda Glickman, SLP

Compassion | Positivity | Authenticity
Our values inform the way we live and work.




Meet your new NHA coaches.
We will hold your hand while you transition from:

Opposition to Compassion
to Positivity
to Authenticity

Headshot of Naftoli Walfish

Naftoli LMSW, LCSW

Naftoli LMSW, LCSW is a trailblazer in mental health. An advanced trainer of the Nurtured Heart Approach, he is the founder of Family Enhancement LLC located in Passaic, NJ. Naftoli also volunteers time as a board member of “ The Minuchin Center For The Family” as well as the first and founding member of the mental health division for Hatzalah of Passaic.

Headshot of Yael Walfish


Yael LCSW  is convinced in the power of building a child by highlighting what they are doing right.. A licensed social worker, she specializes in the Nurtured Heart Approach. Yael is a sought- after international presenter and author of the children’s book “Menucha for Menucha”.


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