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Hear from real people how the Nurtured Heart Approach helped transform their own lives in a real and positive way.

Taking Parenting to Heart

By: Chana Klein

Could focusing on what is right in each moment stop the negativity and misbehavior in my home? I was determined to find out. And the Nurtured Heart Approach transformed my home…

Straight from the Heart

By: Shiffy Green

How the Nurtured Heart Approach helps our intense and challenging children…

Nurturing the Hearts and Minds of Children

By: Aliza Bloom

Naftoli and Yael Walfish, trainers of the internationally acclaimed Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA), explained exactly how this comment builds a child at a recent training of the staff and teachers of the Clifton Cheder and Bais Yaakov on November 6.

Bringing Out Their Best: A Chinuch Approach That Really Works

By: Yael Walfish

Do you want to help your challenging, intense children transform their behavior? Do you want to help them find their spark?

I wanted to. I wanted it very much. My kids were “normal” kids, but they could often be challenging. There were times I was at my wits’ end.